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On this page you'll get to learn a few things about the two Admins here on this Wiki, Luigi and Syris!

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Luigi is the Original Creator of Istorya and the leader figure among the friend group.

Luigi has very Lawful-Good vibes and tries to be in tune with his emotions. He's an extremely loyal friend and boyfriend and overall, tries to be the best person he can be.

Luigi Likes: Music, Singing, and Playing Video Games. His Favorite food is Kraft Mac and Cheese and his favorite colors are Forest Green and Dark Blue. Autumn is amazing!

Luigi Dislikes: People who don't change for the better, people who lie and deceive him and his friends, and he really hates being ignored.

From/Lives in: (wishes to remain unknown)


Syris is our main writer on this page and the Original Page Creator. He's one of the first 2 to enter the World of Istorya!

Though he's the youngest among the friend group, Syris is smart and cunning and is always ready to help a friend in need.

Syris Likes: Art, Music, Playing Video Games, Anime, Fire, and Adventuring but only with a friend. His favorite food is Chicken Alfredo and his favorite colors are Purple and Black. Fall/Autumn is cool.

Syris Dislikes/has a phobia of: Spiders, Sirens, and Heights. Pickles and Sour Cream are gross. Summer is way to hot.

From/Lives in: North Carolina, USA (east coast)

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